• Sub-Board Feature
  • Advanced Template System for 100% customization
  • Multilingual ability
  • Information Ticker for quick & easy news updates or alerts
  • Full BBCode & Smile formatting ability
  • Moderator Control Panel
  • Quickly edit a post without leaving the topic.
  • Quick & easy help topics available on every page.
  • User Profiles that offers a more personal feel with RSS Feed panels.
  • Post Alert to avoid making a reply shortly after someone else did.
  • see what topics relate to your new topic before you make that topic.
  • Group System for Private Boards and more
  • Private Message System for one-on-one Conversations
  • Topics can include Polls
  • Notification System for Topics & Posts
  • Attachment Upload for uploading files on Topics
  • Instant Search Ability for finding what you need quicker.
  • User-friendly forms & error messages
  • Spell Checker on topic forms
  • Custom Title Option
  • Signatures can use BBCode & smiles
  • Easy to use Administration Panel
  • Powerful banning & blacklisting system
  • Ability to disable registration
  • User pruning system to remove inactive users
  • Easy smile, theme, and Mod installer system
  • Update checker system to know when to upgrade
  • Warning & suspension system
  • CAPTCHA Validation
  • Spammer Filter during Topic posting
  • Enhanced password encryption
  • Email MX checks
  • Extensive permission system
  • Adminisration actions are fully logged

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